A Bot Programmer that codes APIs into your code.

Devsupport AI is a bot programmer that integrates SaaS APIs/SDKs with customer code within seconds. Easy Integration, less support & more business. So that you can focus on business logic and leave API integration to us.
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How it works

Install the bot, point your source code and just tell us which API you would like to integrate and see the magic.

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What is it in store

Code injection

Let our Bot inject your SaaS API code in the right place of a customer code. Customer can just build their app and see the magic in seconds.

Test Cases

Write and run integration test cases to see if everything's in place. If not, well, let the Bot just fix it.

Code Learning

Devsupport AI keeps learning the code structure passively. No customer code is uploaded on our servers - we look at the structure passively and improve our code injection accuracy.

Push Notification

Migrating from V1 to V2? Updating the API signature? Be fearless, and go ahead. Our push notification feature will help you implement the update in the developer code with a single click.


Take a look at our dashboard - you can completely drive the integration flow yourself. UI, sequence, test cases, code snippets - everything per your business requirements.

Fall back support

In case our algorithm fails to execute code injections, we offer you a manual support as a back up option. Yes, we do sign a SLA :)

Real Time

Start pushing new Flows and FAQs in real time using our dashboard.

Ranked Searches

FAQs start showing per the developer help index. Top ranked FAQs help you understand a developer feedback about your APIs and scope for improvement.

Developer Analytics

Time taken by a developer to complete integration, time spent on each screen, how many times manual support was needed and many more insights.

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About us

Shardul, Parth, Yash and Manish have a combined 20 years of experience in designing easy to integrate API kits. They have executed SaaS API lifecycle in their Avatars at Flipkart, Ola, CitrusPay and Jio.
Their experience in 3000+ developer integrations so far is their inspiration behind starting Devsupport AI.
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